Chiru Coffee Fresh Roasted Kenya AA Medium Roast Ground Coffee 100% Arabica Coffee - 16 oz.

  • KENYA’S FINEST AA - Single Origin Kenya AA is grown in Kenya’s fertile central highlands (Nyeri) where the high altitude, cool temperatures, and optimum balance of sunlight and rainfall provide excellent growing conditions.
  • RICH AROMA AND TASTE - Chiru Coffee Connection’s Kenya AA coffee has a taste note of rich fruity flavors with a light honey, citrus and berry taste overtones and a wine-like after taste. Also known for its pleasant, rich aroma
  • FAIR TRADE - Chiru Coffee Connection is proud to source the coffee beans directly from farmers in Kenya who work tirelessly and are 100% dedicated to the production of the coffee. Beans grown in an optimal environment and elevation with the perfect amount of sunlight and rainfall leading to premium beans roasted carefully to perfection.
  • BE THE HERO EVERY MORNING - Kenya AA coffee beans are medium roasted to perfection! This gives your grind the best aromas; rich, smooth, and inviting.

At Chiru Coffee Connections, we are passionate about providing our customers with the highest quality coffee. Directly sourced from farmers in Kenya and grown in Kenya’s fertile central highlands where the balance between the altitude, cool temperatures, sunlight and rainfall create the perfect conditions for optimal growth. The farmers care very much about their coffee beans and are completely dedicated to the production of this premium coffee. If the origin of the coffee you drink means as much to you as the taste, Chiru Coffee Connection IS the coffee for you!

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